lundi 26 septembre 2016

Mon voyage de deux semaines et demie en Indonésie (Indonesia two weeks and a half trip)

Hi everyone !
I know it's been a long time since I didn't write a post...but would you excuse me if I'd say I was travelling in Asia ???
Ok now that apologies are done, I want to give you my thoughts about the trip around Bali, Singapour and the Gilis islands. I will also give you some adresses which are worth according to me.

I would say that this trip really impressed me. It really touched me due to the kindness of people. If I should compare indonesian people to other asian people, I would say that indonesian people are really opened minded and really kind (but I must see other countries than Thailand to compare).

I remember the day my boyfriend and I were exploring Nusa Lembongan, an nice island not far from Bali. We were walking on a little path when we met an old lady. We greeted her with a "halo" and she answered the same with a big smile. She asked if we speak braman language but we responded negatively. But as we were going on our way, I thought : "wow, maybe this lady hasn't been to school in her lifetime but she can give you a warm welcome though". And I think that's the difference with our occidental culture. I got the conviction that tablets, phones or other things cannot teach the real things in life. I believe in education but I believe in a education based on nature, respect and openmind.

Our second experience was in Ubud, when my boyfriend and I, were stopped by a market to buy some water. Three schoolgirls passed our way and greeted us with a loud and lovely  "halo !" While we were answering, they decided to come to see how these two strangers look like from nearer. Their laughs were so cute. We took some pictures, we chat for some time and then they ran fast to school in their nice school uniform.

Adresses in UBUD :
  • Desak putu putra homestay
  • Gatra Ubud inn
  • Massage spa
I just love pineapples pancakes ! (Breakfast in Desak putu putra homestay)


  • Martas hotel 

Hotel in SANUR :

  • Puri Sading (which is really familiar and nice)


  • Secret garden (also offers some yoga lessons 100'000 IDR)

Hotel in SINGAPOUR : 

  • 5 footinnway (for low budget)

Take care of yourself and travel a lot !!!

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