mardi 1 mars 2016

Roger Gallet, l'Occitane and Body shop : Hand cream review

Hello !

Holiday in Thailand are over for me (bouh) and I'm back to cold Switzerland ! As it's really cold in here, I usually got my skin really dry with this weather... So, while I was brushing my hair, I had an fast idea coming to my mind (yes it happens to me sometimes...) and I've noticed I got handcreams everywhere in my bedroom (please tell me in comment if you have the same) ...then, I thought : mmh making a review post about it, could be interesting... (you see, I show you what's inside my mind and my thoughts for writing this post)

So, after reading my mind, I would say, I just LOVE the smell of the hand creams and also the lovely packagings (see in the picture above)... So there are my favourites handcreams for this winter !!!

Let's start with :

  •  L'Occitane : Délices de Rose ( CHF 12.-)

First, this cream is really compact. It moisturises a lot ; in addition, the smell on the skin last for hours. It moisturises properly the skin without being greasy and has a light pleasant fragrance. I received this cute handream with a charming shower gel and a lipbalm.

Here is the set L'Occitane I've received for Christmas : 
I'm in love with the packaging :)

  • Body shop :  (CHF 9.90.-) : Argan oil (my favorite smell of the entire collection)

The perfume of this hand cream is definitely amazing. But It doesn't stay long time on the skin unfortunately. As you can see in the picture above, the cream is pretty compact but less than the Occitane cream, which looks more like a medicine cream (In my childhood memories, when I used to scrape my knees skin, I had a white cream which had the same texture...)

  • Roget Gallet : CHF 8.- : Rose

The last hand cream I introduce you is from a french brand I didn't know: Roger Gallet. My best friend offered it to me for Christmas (when I said I had too much hand creams, now you got me). So, we're back to the Rose perfume but the smell is more discreet. In addition, you can see on the picture above that the texture is more fluid. In sum, this one is more fluid and it's also more moisturizing. In fact, the smell is so quiet that you cannot smell it on the skin for a long time.

My review is now done ! As you can see, I didn't make a three top (a thing I could do but that's not the point), in fact I want to show 3 different options of hand creams and let you choose the one who fit you the best.

Please comment and tell me your thoughts about it. 

Take care, 
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