dimanche 6 mars 2016

Koh Samui (Thaïland)

Hello !

My journey is over now and I'm back in Switzerland, I'm not hiding my feelings, I'm sad...I miss the sun.
I decided to write a global review about my thoughts of Koh Samui, a place where I stayed during two weeks. Please tell me in comment if this post is useful.
Let's start ! 

Staying in Koh Samui : hotel, guesthouse or resort ?

I stayed in a lodge which has a lot of spacious bungalows even the cheaper one (the one I got). This hotel is : Long beach lodge at Chaweng road. The night is 1500 THB including a copious breakfast (38 euros). I chose this hotel lodge because it's magical to wake up near the beach in the morning. 

Guesthouses in Koh Samui are practical for backpackers and when you're on the island just for a few nights. Located on the main road or nearby, it is also the most noisy place so don't expect to sleep a lot but of course, you won't spend a lot of money also.

Resorts suit for couples or for retired people (in my opinion), because that's the best way to relax and enjoy the moment especially if you plan to go on your honeymoon. But that's so expensive and not typic that I don't recommend this kind of sleep place for Thailand. But of course, it depends of your vacation and your likes.

Excursions : is it worth it ?

I've done one and only excursion in Samui. This was an elefant tour. For more informations, have a look at my recent post : Jungle trip in Samui. I can definitely say that I won't do it again. This experience was rude to me due to the animal treatment. After I came home, I read in the newspaper that some tourists died in the elephant tours a few days ago. While I was there, a friend of mine who's living in Samui, told me that 6 people died in a jungle trip because the jeep overturned 6 months ago. I dont' want to scare you but warn you, do not book your excursions on this island. I think that the north of Thailand suit better for elephant trekking. Unfortunately, I cannot comment the snorkeling expedition because I haven't done it. According to other tourists, the boats are crowdy and everything is timing.

How long should I stay on the island ?

The duration will depend on what you like to do in Samui. I would recommend to stay 4 or 5 days including the other little Islands next to Samui : Koh Phangan and Ko Tao.

Where should I stay in Koh Samui ?

In sum, I would say that Chaweng is a nice place to stay if you like party, drinking and shops. Lamai is more typical but I heard that people prefer this location than Chaweng.
Or if you really want some quiet place, try the north of the island, where you can stay in some fisherman villages. For the restaurants, Chaweng's got plenty of them. If you go out of the center, you will find some nice cheap places to eat.

5 things you must absolutely do/see in Samui : 

  • Big Buddha temple
  • Wat Plai Laem, temple (5 minutes by car or scooter of the Big Buddha)
  • Chaweng beach
  • Jungle club view point
  • Jungle 360° view point
There are some other things to do in Samui but there are my 5 tops.

Hope this post is useful, 
Take care and open your mind to the beautiful things that life brings you.
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