vendredi 25 mars 2016

3 astuces pour se sentir bien dans sa chambre à coucher

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Hello !

Aujourd'hui, nouveau post, nouveau topic sur le bien-être et plus particulièrement sur comment se sentir bien chez soi ! Alors, on va parler de la manière dont on peut organiser sa chambre pour se sentir bien dès qu'on rentre chez soi après une journée de travail ou de cours. 

dimanche 6 mars 2016

Koh Samui (Thaïland)

Hello !

My journey is over now and I'm back in Switzerland, I'm not hiding my feelings, I'm sad...I miss the sun.
I decided to write a global review about my thoughts of Koh Samui, a place where I stayed during two weeks. Please tell me in comment if this post is useful.
Let's start ! 

mardi 1 mars 2016

Roger Gallet, l'Occitane and Body shop : Hand cream review

Hello !

Holiday in Thailand are over for me (bouh) and I'm back to cold Switzerland ! As it's really cold in here, I usually got my skin really dry with this weather... So, while I was brushing my hair, I had an fast idea coming to my mind (yes it happens to me sometimes...) and I've noticed I got handcreams everywhere in my bedroom (please tell me in comment if you have the same) ...then, I thought : mmh making a review post about it, could be interesting... (you see, I show you what's inside my mind and my thoughts for writing this post)


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