vendredi 5 février 2016

Jungle trip in Thaïland

Hello everyone ! 

I went to an excursion during my stay in Samui and it was a jungle trip. I want to give you my impressions and feelings about it. 

First, I booked it from my hotel (Long beach lodge at Chaweng) and it's called  : Major safari.  The price for the half day is about one thousand THB and it includes : pick-up from the hotel and drop off, elephant trekking (just 20 minutes, not fantastic), elephant show, monkey show, Muyai thai show  (just 5 minutes), a walk to a waterfall (not So impressive), a trip with the jeep 4x4 in the jungle and a lunch (a nice thai buffet) at the Jungle 360° view point.
I enjoyed this day but if I knew I wouldn't have spend my money for something like this because it has nothing in common with a trip I've done last year in the North of Thaïland with elephant. The excursions in Samui are not Worth it because animals and areas like jungle are clearly used for business and money. 

A few day left, I read in the newspaper that an adult just passed away during a elephant trekking. I was so shocked because one week before I was on a poor elephant too. I don't blame the animals but all the thai businesses...The universal organisations for animal cause should do something there...there is a lot of work unfortunately...
Well after this sad confession, let me show you some pictures (I'm not gonna show you pictures of elephants or monkey neither leopards...I could, but tourist promotion is not the point of this post and the animals conditions are really poor, sorry.
The way to the waterfall 2, famous waterfall in Samui...
Waterfall (80m)

Jungle 360° viewpoint

At the entry of a view point with a buddha

This magnificent buddha (picture above) overhang this view...
I hope you enjoy these few pictures, 
Take care.
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