dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Weekend inspiration : Brussels (Belgium)

Hello !
So first, happy new year 2016 ! I was away for four days and then I was on exams so I just could't write a post (I guess, I'm just a human...) But, I have some great things to tell you about my trip to Belgium. Well, I'm about to give you some good adresses and show you places I've been to.

So, let's get started !

I start my topic with the most interesting thing in life : food. Yep, I had really nice breakfasts at Le pain quotidien . This bakery has shops all over the world at the moment, but I went to the first one, created 25 years ago. I highly recommend to try this bakery for its bio concept. The "big table concept"in the middle of the room makes you feel comfortable and it's as if you were having breakfast at home with some other nice people you don't know. Finally, the staff is really nice !
Here you are, an exemple of the decoration and... a nice bald skull.
This is the adress for breakfast, brunch and bakery :
16, Rue Dansaert, 
Bruxelles, Belgiques

This is the "breakfast" I chosed named "Le pain quotidien"

Restaurants and bars : 
Now, about the restaurants. The "9 et voisins" restaurant is a nice place where local and tourist people go drink and eat. A small menu is written on a big slate hanged on the wall.
I had to wait for a table because it was crowded but I had a nice beer at the bar.

Adress : 
Rue Van Artevelde 1, 
1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

The Delirium café : 
This is the bar you cannot miss if you like drinking beer. A beer world with about 3000 sorts of this beverage !
Adress : 
Impasse de la fidélité 4, 
1000 Bruxelles 

 I end up this post with some great pictures we took during two days in Bruxelles :

At the : Centre belge de la bande dessinée (CBBD)
Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

Christmas Market near the Grand-Place, you should see it !
Hope you enjoyed theses pics and wish you all a happy new year 2016 !
Take care, 
The Lifestyle of AB.
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