samedi 16 janvier 2016

Travelling to Thaïland !!!

THIS IS THE DAY, I'm travelling to Thailand for the two next weeks !!! 

Today, It has snowed a lot in Switzerland and I couldn't be happier to go on vacation in Asia !

About packing, I let you check my post : Vacances : la galère de la valise que dois-je emporter avec moi ? You'll see how I manage this crazy step (because it causes anxiety and a lot of stress for me...).

I will catch my plane on monday the 18th january and I will land on Koh Samui on the 19th. My goal is blogging my adventures there and to give you some freshly tips but first, I just need to tame the Wifi in my hotel (let's pray). 

I hope to have a good weather. Last year, I was travelling at the same period in the south of Thailand and I had a perfect weather !!! (Just have a look at the beautiful picture above, this is the Koh Phi Phi Island).

Take care, 
The Lifestyle of AB. 

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  1. oh my god you're so lucky to go to THaïland !
    ps : I love your blog ! ♥



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