vendredi 18 décembre 2015

Christmas Market in Montreux (Switzerland)

Place du marché

Hi !
Christmas is coming and I'm so happy to introduce you the "Montreux Christmas Market" !!! 
I've been to this market every year since hum... a long time now. 
For 21 years now, the Christmas market delights some 500'000 visitors who come all over Switzerland and the world. No one can deny the friendly and warmly atmosphere which is creating by the 150 chalets all over the lake side.
The Montreux Christmas market has opened the 20 of november and this until the 24 of december 2015 !
Follow me in this magical world...

So, this is a part of the covered market at "Place du marché" where you can get some food and drink ;
you can also buy some tea in a cute shop (I bought a black tea called "Noël en Alsace" and it's so tasteful !!!
Inside the covered market...look at those bells !
That's a great discovery for me this year : the "kurtos". It is usually filled with sugar or cinnamon,
with Speculoos or Nutella. You can also choose a salty kurtos filled with cheese cream. The dough
is so nice, I just cannot explain what it tastes like...Try it !
Well, the shop keeper made me taste the "caramel au beurre salé" (salted caramel) and it's yummy !
There are a lot of candys and lollipops.

I guess this is how paradise looks like...
link to the source
Discover 150 chalets in the Christmas market in Montreux Link to the source

So, as you can see, the market is magical by night ! 
Well, I hope you enjoy this Christmas market tour and wish you to go there once in a lifetime !
Take care,
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