dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Charmey et la chocolaterie (Suisse, Gruyère)

Hello !
I went to Charmey for a weekend and I spent my time relaxing in the Thermal baths (because it's too cold outside gla gla). On a sunny sunday I went to visit the Cailler house, based in Broc (5 min by car from Charmey). 

Tip : to go to the Thermal baths, I advise you to go bathing in the morning or at noon because it's not crowded at these hours.

Hotel : I stayed in Hôtel le sapin and it's was very nice ! I took the package price including Thermal baths, evening meal (starter, cheese fondue and dessert), breakfast buffet and entry for the Cailler house. Everything was right and I suggest you this hotel to stay in Charmey (couple or family).

Sunset in Charmey...view from the baths

What a nice dressing table to put make up on
and be prepared for the evening meal : a cheese fondue

Charmey in the morning 
 Let's eat some chocolate !

Before eating some chocolate you will have to wait for some time. At first, you'll be guided by some voice effects on a way explaining the chocolate discovery and how it arrived in Switzerland. Then, you will discover on yourself the manufacture of the chocolate in the Cailler industry. At the end, it's time to taste some chocolate !

Chocolate lovers this the paradise for you !!!

So this is a sneak peek of my last week-end in Charmey and Broc, I hope you enjoy this post and wish you'll plan a trip to this part of Switzerland. 

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