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Product review : NYX soft matte lip cream + bonus

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Since a while, I heard a lot about the lipsticks "matte effect". I thought that the "Anastasia beverly hills" brand were the only one who provide this kind of lipstick/gloss matte effect. But as I was looking for some other brands more reachable, I observed some brands are really expensive. I just couldn't imagine spend more than 20 CHF (17 euros) in a matte lipstick (even though the Switzerland is an expensive country unfortunately...).
Well I found out NYX has released the "soft matte lip cream" in different shades and I chose the "Copenhagen" to try and to comment (it's about 10 CHF, 8 euros).

Application : 

Well, I tell you, it's kind tough to apply this cream lip. Maybe because I got the darker shade but you have to practice and take some time at the first application. It messed up a bit when you try to wipe off the extra product of your lips. My tip : don't take too much of the product, apply gently step by step. Dare to use a cotton-swab to clean around the lips.

When you succeed in the application (only if you do): 

The sensation is quite good on the lips right after the application. It really feels like you applied a cream on your lips but unfortunately this sensation stayed about one hour to me. Because then, my lips got dry... Don't you dare thinking about re-apply some of this product, it will get worse (already tested). Well, at least, after some time, the intensity goes away and it's not so bad (at least you don't have the colour just around the lips as if you applied a lip pencil like in the eighties). So, when it's gone, you can re-apply some.

I struggled with lighting...
It appears lighter than it really is and we cannot see the matte effect...

The bonus (a trick) : use a concealer to clean around the lips. A light concealer can also be used as a highlighter if you add a little bit at the top of your lips (in the middle). It will make your lips appear bigger.

This concealer from Catrice is perfect. Mine is the shade : 010 Porcellain and it's waterproof.
Price : around 5 CHF (4 euros).
Note : 3.5/5.
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  1. Really nice post! Love the lipstick so much!
    Franzi xx



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