samedi 14 novembre 2015

Fashion haul : look what I've found this fall !

Hi !

Today, I'm writing something different because I wanted to show you all the little things I offered me these last two months...I realised I bought a lot of things and I wanted them to be regroup in just one post.
Let's begin with my last shopping on Zalando and then my shopping in Lyon. Finally, you'll see some clothes I found in stores.

Jacket by Only : 40 CHF
Shoes : Even & Odd : 32 CHF

Leggings Nike Just do it : 37 CHF

New look : 16 CHF
My shopping in Lyon (France) and Lausanne : 

Pimkie, jeans : 24,95 euros

Pimkie, the ethnic skirt : 14,99 euros

Adidas : 30 CHF on sale (instead of 79,90.-)

Jennyfer : 4,99 euros

H&M : top deal of the week : 19,90 CHF
Hope you enjoyed this post,
The stores I mentioned in this post and where you can get all the stuffs : 
Pomp it up
Take care.
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