mercredi 25 novembre 2015

#Pray for women

Bonjour !

Aujourd'hui, c'est la "Journée internationale pour l'élimination des violences à l'égard des femmes". 

lundi 23 novembre 2015

"Sensationail" US brand review : Miss Behave and Taupe tulipe shades

As I was lying on my bed studying and drinking some tea, I suddenly realised that I forgot to post you the results of my manicure with Sensationail (Gel polishes for nails, USA Brand). 

One month ago, I bought two colours who match perfectly with winter (in my opinion).

Left to the right : "Miss behave" and "Taupe tulipe"

mardi 17 novembre 2015

Home sweet home

Hello !
This last month, I just fell crazy in love with some decoration stickers ! I wanted to post to show you how it can be really useful and nice at home. I really love the stickers because they embellish the room and they add a stylish way to it.

Here are some ideas how to create a cosy sensation at home, especially for winter.

Most pictures were found on and at Maxibazar (Decoration store).

Perfect for a peaceful room full of happiness and laugh

samedi 14 novembre 2015

Fashion haul : look what I've found this fall !

Hi !

Today, I'm writing something different because I wanted to show you all the little things I offered me these last two months...I realised I bought a lot of things and I wanted them to be regroup in just one post.
Let's begin with my last shopping on Zalando and then my shopping in Lyon. Finally, you'll see some clothes I found in stores.

Jacket by Only : 40 CHF

dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Parlons peu, parlons peau : la dermite séborrhéique, c'est quoi ?

Hello !

Il y a quelque temps, j'ai découvert que j'avais de plus en plus de peine à entretenir ma peau ET surtout à camoufler mes rougeurs (accompagnés de petits boutons...). 

Donc voilà je vais dans un magasin dont je ne citerai pas le nom, j'écoute les conseils d'une vendeuse en cosmétiques et j'achète une crème hydratante. Après 1 mois d'essai, je constate que mes rougeurs ne disparaissent pas. En plus, quand j'applique mon fond de teint, ma peau pèle à foison et c'est horrible. A ce moment-là, des questions fusent dans mon esprit : mais quel type de peau j'ai, est-ce que je fais de l'acné en retard etc...

dimanche 1 novembre 2015

Product review : NYX soft matte lip cream + bonus

Hello !

Since a while, I heard a lot about the lipsticks "matte effect". I thought that the "Anastasia beverly hills" brand were the only one who provide this kind of lipstick/gloss matte effect. But as I was looking for some other brands more reachable, I observed some brands are really expensive. I just couldn't imagine spend more than 20 CHF (17 euros) in a matte lipstick (even though the Switzerland is an expensive country unfortunately...).
Well I found out NYX has released the "soft matte lip cream" in different shades and I chose the "Copenhagen" to try and to comment (it's about 10 CHF, 8 euros).


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