dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Week-end inspiration : Lyon (France)

Hi !
Last week I went to Lyon with my best friend for visiting (also for shopping by the way). For this post, I'm just gonna show you some spots I really enjoyed but if you want to know more (where did we stay, how we planned,...), just comment this post.

L'Eglise St-Georges at the front 

La cathédrale St-Jean

Théâtre gallo-romain

Palais de Justice sur la place des Terreaux

La fontaine de la Place des Terreaux

La Cathédrale St-Jean at the front
La basilique de la Fourvière at the top of the hill

Beautiful painted wall in "Croix-Rousse"

Inside the "Vieux Lyon" and his ancient houses

Bien à vous, 
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