mercredi 7 octobre 2015

The old corset is back : the waist trainer trendy

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Since a while, I see publicity about a new "beauty standard" on the social networks. This is what I'm going to talk about in this post. 
The story I'm telling you started in the 16th century in Spain. The noble people started to wear an underwear called the corset, symbol of moral rightousness. Other people in the society quickly started to wear that undergament.
Years after years, people (not only women wore that) used the corset, symbol of nobility.
If you want to know more,  go and read the Corset story.
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Today, I'm talking about an actual subject which is the waist trainer.
I'm really sad to see how women make their body suffering. I'm asking you :
Do you remember the corset of a princess in a movie and how tight is it ?
And please have a look and respect at the feminist movements in the sixties. Don't you remember the struggle of the women to get their voting rights, the birth control and many more ? 

This is all about the right for a woman to be herself... I'm enough with all these standards AND especially when it's dangerous for the health.

Do you really want to have organs issues? Or If I have concrete talks... don't you think about problems for having a future baby ? In case you didn't know, the corset was used and thought as a birth control a long time ago...

What about a new trend consisting of having little chest, women will wrap their chests up because they will look prettier....hmm what ?!
My talks could shocked but there are always new stupids things release. I'm sure you've seen a lot of celebrities for example, the Kardashian sisters, using the waist trainers. 
Well, just read this post as a warning for your health... because I'm telling you, you are beautiful the way you are born and I'm not talking about the medical corset but just the waist trainer's trendy...Don't change yourself, it isn't worth it.

Women fought for their rights in the past, they fought for freedom and many more...just look further and be creative to improve the girls future.

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