jeudi 17 septembre 2015

You are beautiful

"I'm too small to wear that"
"I'm too fat to wear that" 
"I don't dare to wear that kind of outfit" 
"I don't like my legs, my tammie, my arms"
"I would like my hair straight"
I would like my hair curly"

All these sentences are bad for your self-estim and doesn't change anything instead of feeling worse. 
I believe the perfect woman has not any specific skin colour,
I believe the perfect woman is not too tall or too small,
I believe the perfect woman can get dressed the way she wants,
I believe the perfect woman has curves or not,

Every woman is perfect the way she came in this world. The woman is perfect when she can be who she is and when she's happy with that. And this is for every woman in this world who ever feel a bit "not enough"...or "too...". 

There's just no perfect girls. The society creates some standards and leads the people to some anxiety or sadness when they can't look like they're supposed to be. Honestly, everything changes, even the standards. 

My point is today we're giving too much value to the physical appearance and sometimes we are blinded by trickerys. For example, the power of make-up is a kind of trickery. But, I can't offend the make-up because I use some and I love that. I just want to explain that a woman should feel as comfy wearing make-up as not wearing make-up. Because the inside of the person stay the same. Just be true to yourself and love the body, the skin, the eyes that your parents gave to you.

The perfect woman is YOU.

Take care,
The Lifestyle of AB.

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