lundi 14 septembre 2015

Get ready for winter : sensitive skin and rednesses

Hi ! The weather's getting colder... yeah, winter is drawing near (I'm feeling depressed right now) and we all know that the skin needs more care and attention on this period. 
Personally, I noticed some changes about my skin since a month. I have some redness issues by the angles of the nose. I always used a basic Nivea cream and I decided to try the products samples I have at home. So, I started to use the "anti-redness moisturizing cream" by  Yves Rocher. I was surprised to see the difference on my skin with this product. Of course, I've still have some rednesses but it's quiet better. 
Anyway, I thought a lot about how I take care of my skin and I decided to share with you important things to do or not on a sensitive skin.

Be sure to know what kind of skin you got. I made the mistake to buy a cream for combination and oily skin once. Obviously, It didn't help my skin at all and it was not enough moisturizer. You can also ask a specialist just to be sure. 

Don't use some make-up remover towels to remove your make-up. Most of them contain some alcohol and it damages the skin. I thought the wipes more practical and I used them for the summer time. But it's not skin friendly. Now, I use a micellar water to remove my make-up which is non-irritating and friendly with all skin types.

This micellar water is also from Yves Rocher and it's especially for sensitive skin.

Water. The running water is not friendly with a sensitive skin. Because of the hard water, the skin gets really dry and you got this feeling of tightness. In the morning, you can just apply a smooth mist, which will revitalise, wake up and moisturize your skin. 

Always moisturize you skin before applying some foundation. Otherwise, you skin will look like a crocodile or whatever you want. Note : you can also mix up your moisturizing cream and you foundation together if you still find your skin too dry.

Thanks for reading, please comment if you have some more tips !
Take care of your skin, 
The lifestyle of AB.

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