jeudi 10 septembre 2015

5 tips for a healthy life

Since a while, I think of having a healthy lifestyle. Although I have never had weight or health issues, I think I just got interested by the initiative of my mother when she started a program in order to lose weight. So, I started looking for basic guidance and I will share with you some tips in this post.

  • Drink at least one and a half liter of water a day. So tell like that, it's easy of course. Personally, I always take a bottle of water with me and I put it on the table or the desk to think about drinking. You see, if you drink more, the need for water will be felt and then you will come to drink that amount.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit in your meals rather than meat or starches. To image my words, imagine a round plate in which you fill the half with vegetables and the other half, you fill a quarter of meat and one quarter of starches.
  • Move ! If you usually take the lift, then take the stairs. You work the all day sitting on a chair ? Then, stand up some time and stretch a bit. If you haven't enough time or money for sportclasses, then move with anything ! You're brushing your teeth, then squat, do some pliés or pointes.
  • Control the anxiety. The stress is nobody's friend. When you got stressed, breath in/out 10 times. It will help your mind to clear up.
  • Enjoy yourself ! The key of feeling well is not feeling frustrated. Are you craving to eat a square of chocolate ? Then eat it. The purpose of this, is knowing that you can eat whatever you want but just a little bit. It's all about knowing what is fat, sweet...then you can manage your meals putting the right foods.
I hope you enjoy this post and comment if you want more advices !

Take care. 
The lifestyle of AB.

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