mardi 25 août 2015

Once upon a time... on a sunny walk

This post is quiet different that the ones I usually do, but anyway I think that the pictures talk about themselves. Last week I walked the dog and I paid attention at details that I usually don't. Instead of sitting in front of my computer, I decided to have a walk and look carefully at the nature and all the beautiful simple things we can have in our precious world. 

I stopped at some spots to take some pictures (actually, I only took two pictures because my dog was streaning at the leash and it made my hand shaking...but it's so cute anyway)

So first of all, I stopped by these beautiful flowers and I fell in love with that one. I'm still surprised about the quality of this picture (I took the pictures with my samsung alpha).

Then, I stopped by a river but unfortunately the picture I've taken was not conclusive. At least, I had great time looking at the stones and trees over there. 
I've seen a lot of green leaves on trees and I know it sounds weird but It makes me feel good. I think that the flowers and the green leaves are for me a kind of way to say : "hello what a wonderful world, full of love and peace. It's summer time yeah. Do not go for work, let's have fun out there". Okaaay, nevermind. 

After I woke up from my daydream, I figured it out the reason why the nature inspires so much the fashion industry. I found that little insect so cute I just couldn't stop staring at it. 
Don't you think that this insect has a nice suit ? I found so funny how the dots and the knot look similar to the "human" clothes. 
After this nice walk, I realised that we need to cherish the things we got in this world of ours.
John Galliano’s topiary dresses for Christian Dior Couture, Models : Caroline Trentini and Gemma Ward.

So please, stop throwing away your wastes in the streets or in the nature. 
If you can't find any waste bin, just wait and go to find one further. 

S'il vous plaît, arrêtez de jeter vos déchets dans la rue ou la nature.
Si vous ne trouvez pas de poubelle, attendez d'en trouver une. 
Gardez l'emballage dans votre poche ou votre sac 
(bouffez le, faites ce que vous voulez, mais ne le jetez pas...)

Ce sont les petits gestes qui font de grandes choses ! Just think nature and future.

Bien à vous, 
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